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This odd little three eyed character, Bugit, was animated, modelled and rendered with Imagine v4 Impulse Inc. (Amiga platform). It has a completely polygon based continuous skin, built from a mixture of deformed primitives and extrusions. It's running motion cycle worked well (using bones) with only minor polygon artifacts at the shoulder and knee joints which were easily tweaked away. Surface texture appearance comes from a mixture of hand painted bump maps, algorithmic giraffe colour, algorithmic eye colour, algorithmic leather bumps, and algorithmic specularity.

Bugit Render, 1996

Working on one of the more complicated running cycles made me realized I was using the wrong 3D software for what I wanted to do. Unless I could avoid any real character animation in the story (use lots of cuts to hide what can't be animated) I was going to have a lot of problems. This model in Imagine was just too complex to deal with (October 1996). I'm now working with Hash Inc. Animation:Master, which is much more flexible at dealing with complex character model interaction.

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