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I finally set up my old, dust laden Amiga 4000 and pulled a few remaining images of its hard disk before file rot sets in. These images are more of the Wildlife rain-forest shots from one of my test runs of the establishing shot (rendered back in early 1996).

The main improvement is a more realistic water texture; built from a mixture of diffuse, specular, algorithmic wave functions, and environment map. Believe it or not, no ray traced reflections, shadows, or volumetric lights were used. It was all done via various render cheats for speed, but still clean from the Imagine renderer (i.e. no image post processing). I apologize for their low resolution. I had to pull them from a dual interlace field MJPEG sequence, originally rendered for VHS video output - makes me feel old just thinking about it now ;o)

Rainforest Shot Rainforest Shot Rainforest Shot Rainforest Shot Rainforest Shot

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