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Hmmm, wizard characters do seem quite popular at the moment... Darwin Grosse made contact to request use of web wizard Willy images in one of his music plugins; however, Willy was built for a specific client and created to their character sheet sketches; so instead I suggested creating a new wizard character in a similar style. Darwin needed a set of phoneme images for part of a VST plugin interface demonstrating Cycling74's Max development system. The plugin generates speak'n'spell like phoneme audio playback as a MIDI musical instrument (not for true speech generation). Here're two screen shots of the VST plugin in all it's glory.

Interface Information Page

Wizard phoneme artwork

Below is the artwork provided to Darwin for integration into his interface - the images show my extended phoneme set A I, E, O, U, C D G K N R S Th Y Z, F V D Th, L D Th, L, M B P, W Q and a Resting pose. His facial expression is otherwise fairly neutral.

Phoneme A I Phoneme E Phoneme O Phoneme U Phoneme C D G K N R S Th Y Z Phoneme F V D Th Phoneme L D Th Phoneme L Phoneme M B P Phoneme W Q Rest Pose

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