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7th June 2003

New images, layout and re-write of the extended phoneme and Preston Blair articles. I had cleaned these sections up a little about a month ago but they are now much better if you need to print out a hard copy for reference. Pages also have improved links making it easier to find related articles. If you have a related article you'd like me link to, why not drop me an email and let me know about it!

29th May 2003

The site now supports non JavaScript enabled browsers. You won't get any of the smart photo badging to indicate what's new and updated but you will see all the projects - so will the little Google index robots :o)

27th May 2003

Nothing major just general text and html edits. I'm amazed at how much poor grammar and spelling make it on-line. Unfortunately, I can be as big an offender as the next person so please accept my apologies (and let me know if you spot any errors). I'll continue to try and vacuum up my fat-fingered and brain addled mistakes.

23rd May 2003

Added client side JavaScript features to the main site index page that now control the display of 'new' and 'update' photo badges. Visitors are shown the latest site update badges and are also automatically shown previously badged items that may have occurred since their last visit.

10th May 2003

Re-write of the extended phoneme article and switched the page over to white with black print for those needing to make a hard copy (save some printer ink).

9th May 2003

Ooooh, I've finally uploaded pages about the Boids Of A Feather characters Mick Mallard, Fanny Feathers, Owl, Slusho and Eagle. Need to do some re-renders as these pages cover the initial pre-production work, made in haste while building rigging and texturing the characters for SIGGRAPG99.

9th May 2003

Well, I've made the move over to my own domain, about bl**dy time! The move will give me a little more future proofing and mobility if I need to change hosting service again. The original site content is still available here under a revamped layout. I'm hoping to get the site content back up-to-date with some of my last 18 months of work. If you linked to my old site, thanks! It'd be a real help if you could update your link to use my new domain name http://www.garycmartin.com/.

NOTE: Any links you may have to http://www.geocities.com/~gcmartin are now broken :o( Yahoo no longer support the original Geocities addresses scheme but neglected to warn upgrading users... Don't you just hate link rot, especially when it's caused by a major vender like Yahoo!

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