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For a while, I had been planning to animate two sections from J.R.R. Tolkien's childrens story The Hobbit as a dialogue and animation exercise. The first section from the chapter Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire, covers the character Bilbo and his dwarf colleagues being captured by a goblin hoard - in this scene I wanted to experiment with the practicalities of animating a large number of characters in the same scene (boy, am I asking for a headache). The second section, Riddles in the Dark, lets me work with what has to be my favourite character from the story - Gollum.

I'll keep some of the older work on-line so you can see its progression...


You have probably noticed I've been superseded by the Lord Of The Rings film trilogy ;o) I'm sure they'll follow up with a version of the Hobbit considering their success. Anyway, I do still plan to complete several sample clips for my demo reel using the latest features from Hash Inc. Animation:Master (need to rework the model data - again).

Current example

Current example, more tweaks... This is turning into a technical exercise and straying from my original animation tests, still, the face setup is flexable and working well, now totally based on muscle pose sliders (except for two eye bones). If your wondering what makes Bilbo pull such a face, the poor guys has just woken up from a nightmare - that's just about to come true. Time to wheel in the goblin hoard.

Frightened expression Frightened expression


This render has more facial detail, ready for some initial lipsynch test sequences. Still no hair on his head, but it's going to be quite a curly style. I've tried to age the face to fit in more with the age of Bilbo during the Hobbit, also more bone definition in the jaw line and eye sockets.

Work-in-progress shot

Preliminary Baggins examples

These are very much the preliminary work in progress shots. Items yet to go on are hair, eye brows, eye lashes, lip texture, additional skin details, cape thickness, cape fastener, miscellaneous clothing items, hand and feet decals (Hobbits have hairy feet!). His tongue is also missing at the moment but you can't see that just yet.

Work-in-progress shot Work-in-progress shot Work-in-progress shot Work-in-progress shot Work-in-progress shot

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